CONTRACT Need a Sports Floor in a Hurry?

Need a sports floor in a hurry?


Need a Sports Floor in a hurry? 

Gerflor vinyl sports flooring is available now and makes the perfect solution for your last minute refurbishments.


- Renovation Projects, Communities, Education, Healthcare, Leisure and Health & Fitness.



Taraflex® Evolution a P1 category (complies with EN14904) sports flooring is perfect for various multi-specialist sports and leisure activities and is competitively priced and affordable for those last minute refurbishments. This popular sports flooring solution is installed within the education, community, leisure, health & fitness sectors and is available now in the most sought-after designs.*

Colours 1

 Taraflex Summer Colours

*Available in 18.5lm roll lengths.


Taraflex® Multi-Use is the ideal solution for sports and multi-purpose halls. A true sports floor in the P1 category with the triple action Protecsol® surface treatment for easy maintenance, friction protection and 'intelligent' sliding coefficient.*

Colours 2 

*Available in 18.5lm roll lengths. 

Also Available

Perfect for Refurbishments

Taraflex® Isolsport* is a vinyl isolating membrane designed for loose laying on difficult subfloors.


- Isolates from moisture affected sub floors

- Overlays over existing surfaces saving time**

- Suitable for installing over Granwood surfaces**

*45lm roll lengths only

**Subject to meeting required conditions

You can order your samples via the product pages or via our sampling page. If you would like to enquire further please contact us via our online form or call us on 01926 622600.


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Lift, run, sweat and become the champion you're meant to be on our new Taraflex® solutions. #WhereChampionsPlay 
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Make your members feel at ease… easily combine both #design and #safety with our non-slip waterproof #Flooring solutions! #ChangingRooms
Make your members feel at ease… easily combine both #design and #safety with our non-slip waterproof #Flooring solutions! #ChangingRooms