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  • Sports Flooring
  • Vinyl Sports Floor - Taraflex®

Taraflex® is versatile enough to be used in various multi-specialist applications and affordable for all new projects and refurbishments. Our sports flooring solutions are used within the education, community, leisure, health & fitness sectors.

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Taraflex® Evolution sports flooring is ideal for a variety of applications including all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

Available in a Dry-Tex™ System format, perfect for renovation works and new construction projects where there are damp subfloors.

Benefits of Taraflex® sports flooring:

  • Comfort and safety
  • Suited to all kinds of sports and leisure activities
  • Triple action Protecsol® surface treatment for easy maintenance, friction protection and 'intelligent' sliding coefficient


  1. Triple Action Protecsol
  2. D-Max
  3. HD CXP                              
  4. Sanosol
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Results : 21

Design Type
Design name
2404 London Light Blue

Format : Rolls

3764 Taupe

Format : Rolls

5742 Wood Oak

Format : Rolls

5763 Maple Sun

Format : Rolls

6038 Terracotta

Format : Rolls

6146 Coral

Format : Rolls

6159 Pink

Format : Rolls

6180 Red

Format : Rolls

6211 Gold

Format : Rolls

6347 Beige

Format : Rolls

6350 Light Cherry

Format : Rolls

6381 Maple Design

Format : Rolls

6430 Blue

Format : Rolls

6431 Teal

Format : Rolls

6445 Lagoon

Format : Rolls

6557 Forest

Format : Rolls


Discover the documents at your disposal for your projects

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Fitness Solutions - Brochure
6.15 Mo
Gerflor Sports Brochure
46.32 Mo
Guide to Specifying
518 Ko
My Taraflex - Brochure
3.88 Mo
Specifying Sports Flooring for Sports Halls - Brochure
2.05 Mo
Taraflex Evolution 2018
5.99 Mo
Taraflex Sports Flooring - Brochure
6.3 Mo
Waterjet Logo Creative Design - Brochure
884 Ko
Where Champions Play - 4 Leading Brands - Sports Brochure
8.09 Mo
Binders & Cards
Download Select
Fitness Floor and Wall Solutions - Brochure
3.22 Mo
Taraflex® Sports Flooring - Binder
2.2 Mo
Technical Datasheets
Download Select
Taraflex® Evolution - Technical Datasheet
172 Ko
Taraflex® Evolution Dry-Tex™ - Technical Datasheet
170 Ko
Installation instructions for sports products
Download Select
701 - Installation Guidelines - Stuck down laying
189 Ko
702 - Installation Guidelines - Dry Tex
1.81 Mo
703 - Installation Guidelines - Isolsport
3.48 Mo
803 - Installation Guidelines - Static and Dynamic Loading
3.47 Mo
Fire Certificates
Download Select
Taraflex® Evolution - Fire Certificate
830 Ko
Maintenance instructions by product
Download Select
Sports Flooring - Floor Care Guide
1.18 Mo
Taraflex® - General Maintenance Instructions
104 Ko
Taraflex® Evolution - Maintenance Instructions
104 Ko
Taraflex® Sports Floors - Maintenance Instructions
104 Ko
NBS Specifications
Download Select
Taraflex® Evolution (Sheet) - NBS Specification
Taraflex® Evolution Dry-Tex™ (Sheet) - NBS Specification
Declaration of Performance
Download Select
Taraflex® Evolution/M+ - DoP
697 Ko
Taraflex® Sport Evolution - Sport M Evolution - DoP
696 Ko

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