Taraflex® is versatile enough to be used in various multi-specialist applications and affordable for all new projects and refurbishments. Our sports flooring solutions are used within the education, community, leisure, health & fitness sectors.

Taraflex® Evolution sports flooring in specific is ideal for a variety of applications including all kinds of sports and leisure activities.

Available in a Dry-Tex™ System format, perfect for renovation works and new construction projects where there are damp subfloors.

Benefits of Taraflex® sports flooring:

  • Comfort and safety
  • Suited to all kinds of sports and leisure activities





Product construction


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Saga² is a fast track loose lay tile #LVTFlooring that provides the durability of a compact tile with the comfort of an acoustic tile. It’s various beautiful designs and colours make it the ideal flooring for a host of environments, including #Offices!
LVT Flooring – Creation 70 in Flamingo #LVTFlooring #InteriorDesign #GetInspired
LVT Flooring – Creation 70 in Flamingo #LVTFlooring #InteriorDesign #GetInspired