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Gerflor’s safety flooring provides outstanding durability and slip resistance properties. As specialists in this field, we have developed our product ranges to reflect the needs of our customers.

Our safety flooring, such as the Tarasafe ranges and Taralay Impression Control, are used in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, industry, housing, retirement homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.


Safety Flooring Ranges:


Tarasafe Range

Tarasafe vinyl safety flooring is inlaid with mineral crystal particles for a lighter and brighter appearance, it contains coloured chips, and is reinforced with a glass fibre grid to make it durable and hard-wearing. Designed for heavy use areas with R10-12 slip resistance depending on the range.

Find out more about our Tarasafe range here.


Taralay Impression Control

Taralay Impression Control Safety Flooring offers HSE 36+ slip resistance, an R11 wet slip resistance rating and >20 Rtm/Rz surface roughness. With a group T wear rating this safety floor is ideal for heavy traffic environments.

Find out more about Taralay Impression Control here.


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