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  • Gerflor's vinyl wall protection systems make the perfect solution to protect walls in commercial settings and perfectly complement our flooring systems.


    Mural Club

    The Mural Club range is a flexible vinyl sheet which is designed to be a permanent wall and ceiling protective sheet, that provides impact protection and withstands damage from wheeled and pedestrian traffic. These unique design properties make this range ideal for use in high traffic areas such as hospitals and care home environments that require continuous smooth surfaces.This range is also compatible with our range of additional wall protection products, including wall guards and PVC cove formers.


    Mural Ultra

    The Mural Ultra collection is a pliable vinyl sheet suitable for walls and ceilings, that can be installed to provide a continuous surface that is water tight. Designed as a dual layered product to offer extended durability and impact protection, it is treated with Sanosol to prolong its hygienic properties and is ideal for use within hospitals, medical centres and care homes that undergo more rigorous maintenance. Also compatible with a wide range of additional wall protection products, including corner guards (capping strip clip system) and capping strips.


    Mural Calypso

    Mural Calypso has excellent resistance to tearing, is hygienic with a washable surface and can be hot welded to the flooring thus reducing hospital borne infections. Ideal for shower solutions, this vinyl wall covering is available in a wide colour palette from pastel to bright tones.


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