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Gerflor has a range of durable and sustainable gym flooring solutions for all areas of your facility. Our products are world class and the portfolio includes flooring for both the full scope of indoor applications and also outdoor play. We understand how important it is to future proof your interiors. Therefore our solutions offer optimum safety, comfort, performance. They are also competitively priced to meet the needs of most budgets. We can assist you with specifications, technical advice and quoting for new build or refurbishments projects.

The gym flooring ranges combine technical and design characteristics specifically for sports and fitness environments. Achieving stunning looks coupled with high levels of safety and performance can often be a challenge. However, our range of durable fitness solutions stands the test of time even in heavy traffic environments. Our high-quality gym flooring products deliver superior performance every time. They are ideal for several key areas within any sports or fitness facility. This includes; aerobic and classroom areas, personalised training zones, free weight areas and fitness and cardio spaces, together with reception areas and changing rooms.

Competition is always there and you need to stand out from the crowd. A personalised fitness centre is a step in the right direction. When new members first visit your club, you want them to feel the wow factor. You like to ensure your existing members feel good when they come to work out. If you have ever asked yourself any of the following, we can help you:

  • Do you want to attract new members via a strong brand identity that is reflected in your design? 
  • Do you want to build loyalty to your club members to feel good with an atmosphere that corresponds to them? 
  • Do you want your club to look unique with personalised colours, high definition digital printing and waterjet logos and floor workout zones?

Aerobic and Classroom Areas

Every club wants its members to get the best out of their fitness classes, the functional training session, their core workout. However you especially want your members to come back for more. The type of gym flooring you choose for your facility is decisive in post exercise speed of recovery and key to how fast your members get fit. If your members are sore and stiff from the previous days workout they’ll often wait before coming back for more. People get fitter faster when they recover from the previous workout. Fitness levels improve when members recover and then work out again. Rec 60 and 45 are a popular choice as they have a safe cushioned surface, making them comfortable and quiet underfoot.

Personalised Training Zones

One to one training with a personal coach is appealing but the cost can often be prohibitive for many of your club members. Group training classes are great but can sometimes be not specific enough to the requirements of each participant. We can customise the gym flooring to the requirements of your coaching staff in order to carry out small group training. Tell us your plans and we’ll turn your dreams into reality. The flooring Taraflex® Sport M Evolution is the same gym flooring used by international athletes for Olympic Games and World Championships. It is fully customisable and offers optimum resilience, comfort and protection to allow your coaches to give their very best workout.

Free Weight and Heavy Weight Areas

There are gym flooring types that can resist the beating of the free-weight and weightlifting areas. There are floors that look great. There are floors that are made in formats that make them quick to install, interchangeable and replaceable. There are floors that are easy to maintain. Take a look at our Powershock range – high impact rubber gym matts and flooring solutions for Fitness, designed to be both functional and hardwearing against heavy duty gym equipment.

Fitness and Cardio Zones

The cardio area of most clubs is often the biggest and most visible area of the club. You have invested heavily in getting the best CV equipment possible, the last thing you need is a floor that cannot stand up to loading or small movements of the machines. If areas do become damaged, you need to be able to replace areas easily with minimum disruption to your members.

Your equipment needs to always look great, both machines and the floors. The GTI Max vinyl flooring tiles range is the ultimate gym flooring for heavy traffic environments. It is extremely hardwearing and easy to install, great for you as there is no need to close the premises saving you time and money.

Reception Areas

This is the place where first impressions are created and where first impressions becoming lasting impressions. It’s the showpiece of your gym. It sets the tone.

It says everything about the type of club you are and what your customers mean to you. If you want your members or future members, to always have a wow-factor as they enter your facility and if you want them to then feel at home and want to stay… we can help. Choose from a broad variety of designs in Creation 70 LVT or Creation 55 LVT to welcome your members the way they deserve. Truly inspiring and hardworking flooring for endless design possibilities.

Changing Rooms

Changing rooms and showers are, as you would imagine, wet areas. Wet for certain floors can be synonymous with slip hazard. For this reason, it is crucial to choose a floor that offers good slip resistance even when wet. It’s even better if you can offer flooring that’s in perfect harmony with your club’s image.

You have come to the right place. The Tarasafe Ultra H2O vinyl safety flooring range offers great choice, colours and designs. This helps users to prepare for that great workout and wind down once it’s all over. Hygienic and high-performance safety flooring perfect for both barefoot and shod use whilst meeting HSE +36 guidelines.

If you need any more information on our full range of fitness solutions please contact us or download the fitness solutions brochure.


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