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Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) Flooring and Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) are the fastest growing trends in the construction flooring industry. Environmentally friendly, they offer improved indoor air quality (IAQ) performance. They are great for when low maintenance and easy installation is required. They offer additional cushioning for less impact and a softer feel. This is as well as acoustic features to absorb more noise compared to tile, wood, and laminate. They are a tried and tested solution for heavy, medium and low traffic applications. Gerflor has a complete solution for all design and client needs covering the broad spectrum of requirements including footfall.
Vinyl is extremely easy to work with, offering a huge amount of freedom in terms of format. Generally speaking, vinyl floors come in 3 main formats: tiles, planks and rolls. Things are slightly different for LVT flooring because, as their name would suggest, they are only available as tiles and planks. They create a more subtle look, offer more design possibilities and are easier to install. This makes them an all-around smart choice!

The square or rectangular format of tiles is particularly useful when imitating ceramic tiling. This is also true when creating mosaic or checkerboard style designs. LVT flooring comes in more than the traditional American 50cm x 50cm. Rectangular tiles are becoming increasingly popular. Larger tiles, such as the 61cm x 61cm format, which makes rooms feel much bigger. The plank format is generally used for wood-style designs, as it replicates parquet to perfection.

Creation 70
Creation 70 is a Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank system, which is extremely tough and durable. This makes it ideal for heavy traffic environments. This includes settings such as department stores, front of house retail applications and hospitality. This LVT flooring range will inspire and enhance any interior space. It offers unique and realistic wood, stone and mineral effect designs. Available in a variety of fitting options Creation 70 vinyl flooring is quick and easy to fit. If you select the loose lay clic system, this product can be laid quickly over most existing surfaces. There is no need to close premises during refurbishments saving customers time and money.

Creation 55
Designed for medium traffic areas through to light commercial use is Gerflor’s LVT Creation 55 range. Creation 55 is a perfect match for moderate traffic areas in commercial environments. This includes offices, hospitalities, restaurants, reception areas, boutiques and also housing. It has a 0.55 mm wear layer and is now available in 61 designs with 7 different sizes in tiles and planks.

Creation 30
Creation 30 is the ideal choice for low traffic applications. This includes housing and other residential applications. It is a stunning collection of highly realistic designs. They are embossed/grained finishes in wood and mineral effect tiles and planks. The range is a synthetic, decorative, flexible, antistatic, abrasion group T floor-covering. The products consist of a transparent wear layer 0.3mm thick, a design film and a compact underlayer. They are compressed and grained at high pressure. Their overall thickness is 2mm.

Saga² is a fast track loose lay luxury tile. It provides the durability of a compact tile with the comfort of an acoustic tile. The vinyl loose lay tile overcomes the difficulty of many irregular sub-floors. It also helps to prevent indentations transferring to the surface. With a wide range of stylish designs available and is suitable for heavy traffic areas. This including offices, boutiques, public areas as well as other administrative areas. Saga² is an ideal replacement for carpet tiles. It minimises dust allergies and is easy to clean and maintain.


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In the resilient flooring market, Our Taralay Premium collection offers the best of both worlds: A hardwearing, long lasting surface AND stylish design choices!
In the resilient flooring market, Our Taralay Premium collection offers the best of both worlds: A hardwearing, long lasting surface AND stylish design choices!