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CONTRACT ServicesNewsMeet The Team! Get to know our Retail Manager Lee

Meet The Team! Get to know our Retail Manager Lee

GERFLOR Meet The Team Lee Retail


At Gerflor we like to add that personal touch.... Get to know the members of our team by finding more about their role, their favourite products and what they like to do in their spare time. This week get to know Lee!


“Hi... I'm Lee. I am a Retail Interiors Specialist at Gerflor Flooring UK, specialising in Convenience Stores & High Street Retail."


What do you like about your role and the industry you work in?

I enjoy the variety, as that’s what keeps it interesting and engaging for me. My customers are a mix of Retail End Users, Designers, and Shopfitters, and I work on a wide range of projects. This could be anything from a Newsagent to a Department store, Coffee shop, Fashion store, Restaurant or Pub. Each stakeholder within a project has a different objective and the enjoyable part for me is introducing our products and our expertise to provide complete solutions for our retail client. The innovations proposed will meet the design requirements for the project, as well as the practicality, and cost requirements for each bespoke need.


What challenges are driving the retail sector?

I’ve spent almost 25 years working in the Retail sector in various roles, and for me the challenges have remained broadly the same, due to the intrinsic link between consumer activity and the retail estate. Without a strong High Street and Customer spend, Retail businesses cannot fund growth or further invest in refurbishment projects, which in turn will affect the consumers experience within these stores. Luckily, at Gerflor and Gradus we have a wide range of solutions that are competitively priced, available in contemporary designs, and we have the full portfolio for a quick and easy transition.

Favourite Gerflor solutions and why?

With the addition of our Gradus products, we now have a very comprehensive offer for Retail and Hospitality. This reaches beyond not only Flooring, but complete contract interior solutions including Stair edgings, Floor trims, Barrier matting, Wall protection & Lighting. This means we can offer our client base everything they need for both front and also back-of-house retail locations. It’s been an exciting time for me, over the last 12 months, in launching this retail offer, and we will continue to invest and grow together, to develop further innovative solutions for the Retail markets.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

I am a man who loves to travel and explore new places, both in the UK and abroad. Over the last year, I’ve visited Dubrovnik, Larnaca, Lyon, Loch Lomond, Malaga, and Wexford.
Closer to home, I have regularly visited the New Forest, Forest of Dean, and the Cotswolds. It is great opportunity to unwind, although admittedly I just can’t help myself.
On holidays, if I am popping into any retail shop, my eyes will always check out the interiors with a special focus on the state of the flooring and if improvements can be made.
Like they say, you can take the boy out of flooring but you can’t take the flooring out the boy!


Contact Lee today!

If you need specification advice for Retail Solutions, specifically in Convenience Stores & High Street Retail, then contact Lee today.

Email at or give him a call on 07850 206610.