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  • Meet The Team! Get to know our Health and Safety Manager Will
  • 29.04.2024

    Meet The Team! Get to know our Health and Safety Manager Will

    GERFLOR Meet The Team Will Pope New

    At Gerflor we like to add that personal touch.... Get to know the members of our team by finding more about their role, their favourite products and what they like to do in their spare time. In honour of this years World Day for Safety & Health at Work, we are interviewing our Health and Safety Manager Will Pope to find out more about this day and what it means!

    "Hi – I’m Will Pope, Group Health and Safety Manager for Gerflor & Gradus."

    Can you give us an insight into the aim of World Day for Safety and Health at Work?

    "The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is the United Nations agency for the world of work. They began the World Day for Safety & Health at Work in 2003. The initiative, is an international campaign which sets out labour standards, promotes rights at work and encourages safe, healthy working conditions. Their aim is to raise awareness on all aspects of health and safety, to reduce work-related incidents and ill health around the world. There are many businesses around the world, that don’t properly value their people and production is their top priority.

    Consistent with this philosophy, Gerflor and Gradus believe that an excellent organisation is by definition a safe organisation. In the same way that the businesses are committed to excellence in their products, it follows that the minimisation of health and safety risks to those who work and visit their sites is, therefore, a key objective for the companies. Providing and maintaining a working environment which is safe and without risk to health is a fundamental priority which plays an integral part in all our activities."


    Tell me about your role?

    "I began working for Gradus in March 2015. The incentive to join the business, was that Gradus clearly took safety seriously and had already invested in improving all aspects of the safety and health of its employees. One of the benefits of my role as Group Health & Safety Manager, but now for both Gerflor and Gradus, is that it’s extremely varied, and no two days are alike. I am primarily responsible for providing advice and assistance, to ensure compliance, on all aspects of health and safety legislation across each of our production facilities and distribution sites. In addition, I regularly carry out site visits to our Contracts fitting teams, installing Gradus’s products on construction sites around the country."


    What challenges are faced by many businesses today when it comes to Health & Safety at Work?

    "The main challenge for businesses when it comes to health and safety, is keeping up to date with ever changing legislation and standards. Every workplace has its own unique hazards and risks to manage and overcome. So, it’s essential to have a network of information streams, that keep us aware of these amendments or additions, to ensure that we adapt our systems accordingly.”

    What are your favourite Gerflor and Gradus solutions and why?

    "My favourite Gerflor solution is My Taralay, the digital printing services for customised and bespoke flooring. The ability to be able to completely design a unique floor, is enriching and offers out clients more choice. They can unleash their creativity and design a truly unique interior scheme with market leading innovative products that are safe and hygienic.

    I also very much admire the recently launched Gradus SureProtect Artworx wall cladding, which can be combined with My Taralay for a complete holistic solution. This product can help businesses achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment in a multitude of different applications. It can be used anywhere, from operating theatres, to brightening up children’s play areas, creating calming office environments, or simply wayfinding and signage in corridors.

    The design possibilities using both My Taralay flooring and Artworx wall coverings for our customers are limited only by their imagination. In addition, our decorative LED lighting products can be used to further enhance the effects our customers are trying to create."


    What do you like doing in your spare time?

    "Considering I work in safety, many wouldn’t expect I am a trained cave diver. This started many years ago, when my wife and I learnt the diving basics on holiday in Cyprus. We then spent every holiday developing our skills and attending more advanced courses. This led on to us doing various wreck penetration dives and finally on to diving underground in caves and cenotes. My free time at weekends consists of talking to friends whilst playing Xbox, playing pool or fussing our two cats Mako and Marlin.”

    Happy World Day for Safety & Health at Work!