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Taralay Premium Comfort has excellent acoustic and shock absorption properties with high acoustic performance (16dB) and safe underfoot cushioning.

The solution for heavy traffic areas
Commercial flooring - Homogeneous surface / Multilayered construction


  • Extreme traffic resistance: wear layer >1mm, with NO filler for an outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Very high acoustic performance (16dB) / indentation resistance (0,06mm):  double glass fibre grid + VHD foam backing
  • Evercare ™ surface treatment: easy maintenance and matt effect
  • Long lasting appearance: design within the whole thickness of the wear layer
  • TVOC after 28 days <10µg/m3: indoor air quality









Product construction


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LVT Flooring – Creation 70 in Flamingo #LVTFlooring #InteriorDesign #GetInspired