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  • Meet The Team! Get to know our Sports Specialist Mike
  • 05.04.2024

    Meet The Team! Get to know our Sports Specialist Mike

    GERFLOR Meet The Team Mike

    At Gerflor we like to add that personal touch.... Get to know the members of our team by finding more about their role, their favourite products and what they like to do in their spare time. This week get to know Mike!


    “Hi…I am Michael (Mike) Evans and I am a one of the Key Account Managers for Sports flooring for Gerflor UK and Ireland”.


    What do you like about your role and the sector you work in?

    "Being very new to the company, I have been developing my knowledge and learning all about why our world class sports solutions are some of the best on the marketplace. It’s exciting to work in a dynamic team and with products that are innovative, fit for purpose, and remarkable in the benefits they deliver to our client base. I am really impressed with how we have a complete offer for all sporting and exercise needs, for all projects and all budgets. I am also excited to discuss this with new customers and present our most recent offer developments including Taraflex SL (Sustainable Solution) with existing clients, to ensure that we as a company provide the best options for all sporting requirements."


    What challenges are driving the Education, Fitness, Sports & Leisure sectors?

    "In the current climate, customers who are looking to invest in sports flooring for their facilities, require the best solution and best value for money. The Gerflor teams have a broad offer of high-quality, indoor, Olympic pedigree sports vinyl, and we work hard to help our clients find cost effective products to meet their bespoke sporting needs. It’s not only about the upfront initial cost for materials but it is also about saving them money over the entire lifetime of the product. This includes easier to clean and maintain sports surfaces that do not compromise on their technical performance."


    What are your favourite Gerflor solutions and why?

    "As a Sports Specialist, no doubt, I am going to say the Taraflex® collections (as will my team!). Perfectly suited for many hard-working sectors and for sporting and exercising needs. The recent introduction of the Taraflex Sustainable Looselay (SL) offer to the family, is definitely a game changer for all. Thanks to its many ‘eco’friendly’ benefits some of which include - using tape instead of adhesives for installations, having a textile backing made of recycled bottles (2000 bottles used for a 800-sqm court),  and the product innovation being extremely easy to recycle or re-use. Let’s not also forget, my other favourite…which is ‘Power Game+ from Sport Court’,  an outdoor PVC Vinyl tile, I would have loved to have this solution at school! I am really impressed with the wide range of vibrant colours and also the ease and quickness with which a space can be magically transformed into a contemporary court, whilst delivering consistent comfort and performance for all users. Perfect for Multi-Use Games Area’s (MUG’s) or even your back yard!"


    What do you like doing in your spare time?

    "During my down time…I really enjoy taking long walks with my family and cocker spaniel called ‘Barney’. I am a keen cricketer as you can see (I hope I play well too!) and I thoroughly enjoy attending as many sporting events as possible, most importantly the National Football League (NFL) games when played in London each year. Any activity that is related to sports, either play it or watch it, I am a big fan either way."


    If you need specification advice for Sports solutions, then contact Mike today.

    Email at or give him a call on 07765798929.