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  • Meet The Team! Get to know our Sports Specialist David
  • 19.04.2024

    Meet The Team! Get to know our Sports Specialist David

    GERFLOR Meet The Team David Carter

    At Gerflor we like to add that personal touch.... Get to know the members of our team by finding more about their role, their favourite products and what they like to do in their spare time. This week get to know David!


    “Hi…I am David Carter and I am the National Sales Manager for Sports and Health and Fitness flooring for Gerflor UK and Ireland.”


    What do you like about your role and the sector you work in?

    “Who would not enjoy working for the largest indoor sports flooring company in the world? And in a country that just loves sport!  With so many education, sports and leisure facilities across the UK, I think it’s only fair to say that there could be many locations that can be further improved and updated to deliver better user safety, comfort and performance and for all ages and sporting requirements.  Being able to speak to clients that are desperate for that upgrade is especially fulfilling when we can connect them to a world class sports flooring surface that is used by some of the best athletes across the world.”


    What challenges are driving the Education, Fitness, Sports & Leisure sectors?

    “The financial outlook of the education sector is one of the biggest challenges.  With over 70% of sport being played in an educational environment, they are intrinsically linked.  The UK falls behind when it comes to keeping up with the rest of Europe in terms of investment for future proofing sporting and education facilities.  ‘Old’ mindsets are still influential when designing schools that are meant to serve the future generations, which is a tough situation to come to terms with.”


    What are your favourite Gerflor solutions and why?

    “Goes without saying that the Taraflex® sporting ranges from Gerflor are some of my favourites! These Olympic pedigree innovations are credible solutions for many sporting applications. Whether it’s for Refurbishment projects  (where we can supply our brand new Taraflex® Sustainable Loose-Lay (SL) Sports Flooring), or New Build Projects for Sports halls being worked on by leading architects (where we have Taraflex® Comfort, Performance, Evolution, Multi-use), I am pleased to be able to offer a world class sports surface for every need and every budget. One product that may surprise you is ‘Power Game+ from Sport Court’.  An outdoor sports surface that not only drains well naturally but can be artificially dried in minutes, meaning that old tarmac used for outdoor sports, that has frequently puddled areas, could be one day a thing of the past!”


    What do you like doing in your spare time?

    “In my spare time there is a lot going on! My children play a massive part (obviously), as does shopping (embarrassingly), travelling that involves Disney in some way (not embarrassed), Lego based activity on creating Cars and Motorbikes (not embarrassed) and I also really love cooking (Bring on Come Dine with Me).  It’s a shame, however, that all these activities are quite expensive hobbies, so I then try to spend time with my son to work out how to pay for them all!”


    If you need specification advice for Sports solutions, then contact David today.

    Email at or give him a call on 07798668030.