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  • Contract Flooring
  • Heterogeneous Compact Flooring

Our brand new Nerok collection is available in realistic wood and mineral finishes.

There are 16 wood designs, from Narrow (6 cm) to XL widths (25 cm). There is also within the collection, a rich palette of 20 mineral designs. The collections have added realism with exclusive embossing and an ultra matt surface.

Technical performance includes:  

  • High traffic resistance: 34/43 compact backing reinforced with a glass fibre veil
  • High resistance to indentation 0.05 mm and available in 2 & 4 M for seamless installation
  • 2 mm thickness with a 0,70 mm wearlayer and comes with PUR+ surface for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Sound insulation -6 dB
  • 100% recyclable
  • Indoor air quality : TVOC <100µg/m³
  1. PUR+ Treatment
  2. Transparent wearlayer
  3. Printed Design
  4. Glass fibre veil
  5. Compact backing
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Results : 36

Design Type
Design name
0476 Noma Miel

Format : Rolls

0492 Timber Cabana

Format : Rolls

0597 Pixel Silver

Format : Rolls

0621 Pixel Vanilla

Format : Rolls

0632 Pixel Anthracite

Format : Rolls

0639 Pixel Sand

Format : Rolls

0669 Chene Light

Format : Rolls

0720 Timber Clear

Format : Rolls

1430 Oak Select Dark Grey

Format : Rolls

1451 Noma Kola

Format : Rolls

1518 Factory White

Format : Rolls

1751 Timber Grey

Format : Rolls

1893 Harbor Blue

Format : Rolls

2012 Sherwood Clear

Format : Rolls

2013 Sherwood Blond

Format : Rolls

2015 Sherwood Brown

Format : Rolls


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Social Housing - Brochure
31.32 Mo
Super 7 - Leaflet
5.25 Mo
Binders & Cards
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Nerok 55 & 70 - Card
4.79 Mo
Technical Datasheets
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Nerok 70 - Technical Datasheet
97 Ko
Fire Certificates
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Nerok 70 - Fire Certificate
152 Ko
Installation instructions for contract products
Download Select
301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous Multilayered Rolls
203 Ko
Maintenance instructions by product
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Heterogeneous Floors - Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions
430 Ko
NBS Specifications
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Nerok 70 Compact (Sheet) - NBS Specification
Declaration of Performance
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Nerok 70 - DoP
732 Ko


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