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    • Contract Flooring
    • ESD Flooring
    • Permanent conductive flooring => 5.10^4 < Rt < 10^6
    • Palette of 6 colours in non directional design
    • TVOC after 28 days < 10µg/m3 => indoor air quality
    • 1 - Evercare™ Surface Treatment
    • 2 - Homogeneous layer

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    Results : 6

    Design Type
    0350 Light Grey

    Format : Rolls

    0351 Black

    Format : Rolls

    0352 Grey

    Format : Rolls

    0353 Beige

    Format : Rolls

    0354 Blue

    Format : Rolls

    0355 Green

    Format : Rolls


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    Stain Resistance Chemicals - Brochure
    2.68 Mo
    Ultra Clean - Brochure
    3.34 Mo
    Binders & Cards
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    EL5/EL7 Solutions - Conductive and dissipative rolls and tiles - Card
    2.7 Mo
    Technical Datasheets
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    Mipolam Elegance EL5 - Technical Datasheet
    121 Ko
    Product description
    Download Select
    Mipolam Elegance EL 5 - Product description
    54 Ko
    Fire Certificates
    Download Select
    Mipolam Elegance EL5 - Fire Certificate
    168 Ko
    Installation instructions for contract products
    Download Select
    419 - Installation Guidelines - Glue down conductive floorings in rolls
    100 Ko
    Maintenance instructions by product
    Download Select
    190 - Maintenance Instructions of EL7/EL5/ESD+ Flooring
    406 Ko
    Mipolam Elegance EL5 - Maintenance Instructions
    416 Ko
    NBS Specifications
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    Mipolam EL5 (Sheet) - NBS Specification
    Declaration of Performance
    Download Select
    Mipolam Elegance EL5 - DoP
    714 Ko

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