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    Hook and Loop & Double Sided Tapes for Textile Backing


    • Finishes
    • Adhesives and Tapes

    Quick - Clean - Efficiency


    Solution for the installation of Transit Tex and vinyl floor coverings with textile backing on the perimeter and under joints

    • Time saving and cleanliness by comparison with a bonded system.
    • No gumming time and no smell
    • V107 = hook and loop tape - 107 mm width
    • D75 = double-sided tape for textile backing - 75 mm width
    • Ease the installation of floorcoverings with a textile backing


    Hook and loop tape for textile backing V107

    Code : 0556

    Width : 107 mm

    Height : NA

    Packaging : 4 rolls of 25 lm

    Double sided tapes for textile backing D75

    Code : 0534

    Width : 75 mm

    Height : NA

    Packaging : 1 roll of 25 lm


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