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    Attraction® is a fast track easy solution with interlocking edges which allows for rapid loose lay installation and replacement. These loose lay tiles are cost effective as there is no need to close down the premises and can be installed on a sub floor with minimal preparation.

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    With a Protecsol® 2 surface treatment it requires minimal maintenance and is a highly durable solution suitable for heavy traffic applications in the retail and industrial and many other markets. There are 21 colour-ways and 4 designs which allows you to mix and match colours and designs.

    * Please note we recommend using an anti-bounce mallet to install these tiles (Available to order: E6560002) - Please read full installation guidelines for further information or refer to our technical department *

    Benefits of Attraction® Vinyl Loose Lay Tiles:

    • Easy renovated: looselay Installation
    • No immobilisation of the premises = no loss of turnover
    • Resistence to traffic: 1mm wearlayer
    • Easy Maintenance: Protecsol® 2 Surface treatment
    • 21 trendy colours
    1. Protecsol® 2 Treatment
    2. 1mm pure vinyl coloured wearlayer
    3. 4mm recycled backing with double glass fiber grid
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    Results : 21

    Design Type
    Design name
    2740 Harlem Soft

    Format : Tiles

    2741 Brooklyn

    Format : Tiles

    2742 Times Square

    Format : Tiles

    2743 Central Park

    Format : Tiles

    2744 Queens Soft

    Format : Tiles

    2745 Plaza

    Format : Tiles

    3707 Paraiba

    Format : Tiles

    3709 Ceara

    Format : Tiles

    4003 Tao

    Format : Tiles

    4004 Pago

    Format : Tiles

    4146 Moheli

    Format : Tiles

    4342 Juara

    Format : Tiles

    4343 Tokelau

    Format : Tiles

    4351 Greige

    Format : Tiles

    4476 Wattaru

    Format : Tiles

    8053 Anambas

    Format : Tiles


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    Attraction® - Brochure
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    Fast Track Flooring Specialist - Guide
    7.63 Mo
    Stain Resistance Chemicals - Brochure
    2.68 Mo
    Binders & Cards
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    Attraction - New Neopolis Design - Card
    1.12 Mo
    Attraction® - Binder
    1.91 Mo
    Technical Datasheets
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    Attraction® - Technical Datasheet
    381 Ko
    Fire Certificates
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    Attraction® - Fire Certificate
    851 Ko
    Installation instructions for contract products
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    414 - Installation Guidelines - Attraction Tiles
    923 Ko
    Maintenance instructions by product
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    120 - LVT - Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions
    271 Ko
    Technical Tiles - Maintenance Instructions
    184 Ko
    NBS Specifications
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    Attraction® Connect (Tile) - NBS Specification
    Declaration of Performance
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    Attraction® - DoP
    721 Ko

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