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  • Anti Slip Flooring - Gerflor UK

    GERFLOR: highly-resistant anti-slip flooring solutions


    Paying a major concern to safety, GERFLOR has designed a large palette of anti slip floorings. Thanks to special surface treatments, our company succeeded in developing high-quality anti slip flooring, endowed with an increased resistance to skidding. Consequently they are recommended for areas where liquids may get spilt.

    Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or any wet areas, our anti slip floorings (GTI as decorTarasafe) provide you with added technical performance, such as sound insulation and resistance to chemicals.

    Find out a wide range of floorings that meet the international standards and enjoy walking on our anti slip floors.

    More information about anti slip flooring

    If you want to get detailed information about anti slip flooring (Taradouche) ranges, do not hesitate to contact us.

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