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  • We Care We Act : design choices for a sustainable future
  • Our permanent goals is to reduce the environmental footprint of our products, at each step of their lifecycle.
    Our engineers follow a structured eco-design approach and aim for maximum circularity.



    Carbon footprint

    All Gerflor products undergo a detailed life cycle assessment. Third-party verified EPDs are available on all Creation products.
    Our French LVT factory is powered with 100% renewable electricity and has been designed to reduce energy consumption thanks to a patented gravitational process
    Gerflor Creation products are produced in ISO14001 (environment) and ISO 50001 (energy) certified factories.


    Vinyl is 100% recyclable so wehther its installation waste and/or end-of-life products, vinyl is a sustainable product.
    Recovered products can be carefully screened before being transformed into new raw materials and reused into new floorings.
    We recommend adhesive-free solutions when possible: they make recycling easier and far more efficient.

    Creation products include high recycled content. Recycled vinyl has a carbon footprint up to 17 times lower than virgin materials. 
    All our recycled materials are strictly controlled and REACH-compliant.

    Health and safety

    Millions of people walk on our floorings everyday, whether it's in their houses, schools, offices or public buildings. Gerflor take its responsibility very seriously in terms of peoples health and safety.
    We set for every product the highest standards, in terms of ingredients, quality and hygiene.
    Creation is 100% REACH-compliant, phthalate-free* and formaldehyde-free. It offers the best-in-class indoor air quality, with TVOC below 10 micrograms/m3, 100 times lower than legal requirements.

    Our surface treatment guarantees optimal hygiene year after year. 


    *excluding recycled content.





    The third party verified life cycle assessment of our products can be found in our Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).


    Know more about Gerflor and its commitment to sustainability.

    The Gerflor teams have always considered our customers and the environment as their absolute priority
    Our floorcoverings, wall solutions and finishing components are user friendly, healthy, and sustainable solutions.
    They are designed with respect for our planet to last as long as possible with proposed end-of-life options.

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    More about Creation 2022


    New steps in design

    Technical innovation at the heart of our design

    A New Rigid Interlocking System

    The Creation All-in-1 LVT Collection: a New Rigid Interlocking offer with 2 unique technologies

    A new surface treatment ProtecShield™

    The ultimate resistance to stains and micro-scratches

    More than just a floor, a complete solution is available

    Creation LVT can be installed with complementary finishing accessories





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    Daily commitment to guarantee our customers high quality and competitiveness.