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  • Gerflor solutions for public building disinfection

    At this time Gerflor recognises that cleaning and hygiene are more important than ever. As a long term expert in ultra clean areas we are here to help you.  

    With over 60 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Gerflor is the true expert in this field creating, manufacturing and marketing innovative, design-led and sustainable solutions for flooring, wall and interior finishes.



    Basics about cleaning and disinfection

    All buildings become dirty. Floorcoverings in particular require regular cleaning as dirt and contaminants are transferred from outside on the soles of shoes or from other types of traffic such as wheel chairs. Beyond the dirt we can see there are millions of micro-organisms (bacteria/viruses) that are also present.

    A disinfection process in addition to regular cleaning will help to safely eliminate these micro-organisms. The type and frequency of disinfection will be determined by several factors; Type of building, type of contamination, type and frequency of traffic and the type of floorcovering. Careful assessment of these factors will help to determine the most appropriate cleaning and/or disinfection protocol.



    Cleaning removes dirt and impurities from surfaces using soap and detergents usually diluted in water. This is normally combined with an additional process such as mopping or a mechanical operation. This process helps to remove micro-organisms. In areas where hygiene is critical such as healthcare or to remove a hazardous spillage or where there is a risk that a specific micro-organism is present then disinfection is required.


    Disinfection eliminates micro-organisms. The majority of Gerflor vinyl can be disinfected in a number of different ways using one or more of the methods below. Please contact the Technical services team for further information on 03332 412901.                                                                            



    Apply disinfectants – this is the most common method.

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    UV disinfection - Carried out with a UV light source (254nm is the most effective wavelength)*

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    *Lamp with UV C (240 – 280 nm --> 254 nm most effective wavelength) destroys microorganisms 


    Water & steam disinfection 

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    Note – steam disinfection is only suitable for specific Gerflor floors. Please contact us for further information. 


    Gas disinfection (O3) – this method is commonly used to disinfect/decontaminate sealed areas such as laboratories and clean rooms 

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    Gas disinfection (H202) – this method is commonly used to disinfect/decontaminate sealed areas such as laboratories and clean rooms 

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    Most vinyl floors & walls comply with all these methods, as long as product manufacturer recommendations are strictly followed. There may be some risks for products (yellowing, stains, etc…) if dilution rates are not respected. If in doubt, please contact the disinfectant product manufacturer for further information.


     Outstanding surface treatments for Ultra Clean applications

    Gerflor offers a range of vinyl floor solutions suitable for use in areas where cleanliness and disinfection are key, including Ultra Clean Healthcare and Laboratory applications. Thanks to the exclusive and patented Evercare™ and Protecsol2® surface treatments, Gerflor vinyl’s offer a superior balance between ease of cleaning and disinfection with cleaning cost.


    Read our Evercare BrochureRead the Protecsol 2 Brochure


    Find out more about these technologies and how the products perform in the stain resistance test video below. Easier to clean surfaces result in improved levels of hygiene.


    Watch our Stain Resistance Video Read our Chemical Resistance Brochure

     Gerflor vinyl can be hot welded and combined with our Clean Corner system to provide a seamless, watertight finish that is resistant to heavy traffic. Find out more about this innovative corner solution stemming from several years of research and development below.


    Watch our Clean Corner VideoRead the Clean Corner Brochure Here

    Gerflor vinyl can be easily cleaned and disinfected and is resistant to most common chemicals and offers a high resistance to common stains. The type and frequency of cleaning depends upon a number of factors including; Type of application, type of contamination and the volume of traffic using the building.



     Complete solutions for Ultra Clean Applications

    Read our Cleanability BrochureRead our Ultra Brochure

    Gerflor, along with our partner Gradus Accessories, is able to offer a complete floor and walls solution that can contribute to a clean and safe building environment.

    Disinfection Diagram

    For More Information click on the links below

    Please contact Gradus Accessories for additional information, including product specification advice & also cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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    Our resilient experts are available and on hand for any questions or enquiries you might have. Feel free to contact us for further support with your projects.

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