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Our responsibility to our increasing elderly population and to vulnerable patients is to provide the safest and most comfortable home-from-home environments. With thoughtful product design and appropriate product selection, we can lessen the inevitable stress in making a permanent or temporary home in unfamiliar surroundings. 

We can do this by offering:

  • R11 decorative and easily-maintained safety flooring to help prevent slips, trips and falls
  • An integrated healthcare package which includes bactericidal handrails for increased support, and wall and door protection for hygiene, durability and delineation or contrasting of areas for ease of navigation
  • Wood and stone-effect safety flooring and natural, calming tones and subtle patterns from our design range to give a reassuring, domestic feel
  • Low-maintenance floors requiring no polish to reduce glare and provide a less stimulating, matt finish
  • Acoustic flooring to provide comfort underfoot and decrease noise resonance
  • Our Clean Corner System which can be used in all areas, including wet rooms, to give a highly durable and hygienic finish
  • Sustainable floors with the best stain and scratch resistance for the lowest maintenance requirements and Life Cycle Costs.

To further discuss these or our other progressive solutions for healthcare, please contact our Healthcare team. 

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