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    The refreshed Tarasafe collection is a range of slip resistant sheet flooring that meets HSE guidelines. It is constructed from vinyl with deeply inlaid mineral crystal particles (patent pending) and coloured chips for a decorative design. Contains no Carborundum.

    Tarasafe Ultra comes with SparClean® surface treatment and is reinforced with a glass fibre grid and is suitable for use in all areas of heavy traffic where slip-resistance, durability and hygienic conditions are required. It is also treated with an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment.

    This product comes with a 12-year warranty and is 100% recyclable, when the product is at the end of its’ life. Contain 29% recycled content.

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    Overview of Tarasafe Ultra SparClean® Vinyl Safety Flooring:

    • New Collection with no carborundum particles
    • The crystal-clear advantage combined with Sparclean® surface treatment
    • Anti-slip performance R10 and meets HSE +36 guidelines
    • Excellent stain resistance and outstanding durability

    Benefits of Tarasafe Ultra SparClean® Vinyl Safety Flooring:

    • Easy to clean and maintain compacted nonporous surface  
    • Enhanced colour, design and brightness of mineral crystal particles
    • Maximum hygiene with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment

    Product & Design:

    • Dense concentration of deep inlaid anti-slip particles throughout the wear layer => Permanent slip performance R10
    • With mineral crystal particles and new decors => Fresher colour palette
    • Wide colour palette to Mix & Match => With Tarasafe Ultra H2O products

    Installation & Maintenance: 

    • No Carborundum => Easier to handle, transport, cut, cap & cove
    • Treated with SparClean® => Improves product performance in terms of maintenance, stain resistance and durability

    Market application:

    • Suitable for heavy traffic applications => Ideal for hardworking contract environments
    • Compliance with anti-slip requirements => Perfect for areas with high slip risk applications
    • Hygienic and easy to clean => Suitable for healthcare, education, housing and other busy locations
    • Versatile solution => Can be installed with flexible wall coverings such as Mural Calypso or Ceramics
    • Easy to cove and weld => Perfect for areas where watertightness is a must


    • Good indoor air quality => TVOC after 28 days < 100 micrograms/m3
    • Preservation of resources => 100% recyclable & 29% recycled content
    • Health and Safety => 100% REACH compliant & Formaldehyde (CH₂O) free
    • Made in France => Reduced CO2 footprint of transport
    1. SparClean® surface treatment
    2. Homogeneous wear layer
    3. Fibreglass Grid
    4. Compact backing
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    Design Type
    Design name
    2432 Larimar

    Format : Rolls

    3183 Bauxite

    Format : Rolls

    6088 Andalusite

    Format : Rolls

    6348 Clay

    Format : Rolls

    6591 Serpentine

    Format : Rolls

    6593 Epidote

    Format : Rolls

    7307 Copper

    Format : Rolls

    7383 Diopside

    Format : Rolls

    7482 Halite

    Format : Rolls

    7724 Calcium

    Format : Rolls

    7792 Galena

    Format : Rolls

    8420 Azurite

    Format : Rolls

    8592 Aventurine

    Format : Rolls

    8701 Opal

    Format : Rolls

    8704 Pebble

    Format : Rolls

    8709 Granite

    Format : Rolls


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    Stain Resistance Chemicals - Brochure
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    Technical Datasheets
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    Tarasafe Ultra - Technical Datasheet
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    Fire Certificates
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    Tarasafe - Fire Certificate
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    Installation instructions for contract products
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    301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous Multilayered Rolls
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    Maintenance instructions by product
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    160 - Cleaning & Maintenance - Shower Systems
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    Heterogeneous Floors - Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions
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    NBS Specifications
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    NEW Tarasafe Ultra (Sheet) - NBS Specification
    Tarasafe Ultra (Sheet) - NBS Specification
    Declaration of Performance
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    Tarasafe / Taralay Securite - DoP
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