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    Tarasafe Impression - Colour Card


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     Tarasafe Impression is a range of slip resistant sheet flooring that meets HSE guidelines and consists of a Safety in Wood and Safety in Mineral collection.  It is ideal for hardworking places and has been developed specifically for an extensive range of contract applications.

    If you’re looking for inspiration and a tough safety flooring that offers both slip resistance and outstanding performance, then look no further. A decorative vinyl sheet flooring collection with 20 design-led colourways, it is suitable for healthcare, education, retail, public spaces, offices and other commercial interiors.

    It also offers a hygienic solution thanks to a revolutionary UV cured Protecsol® Control surface treatment for easy cleaning and maintenance. Tarasafe Impression offers Safety in Numbers, HSE 36+ slip resistance, an R11 wet slip resistance rating and >20 Rtm/Rz surface roughness. A multipurpose floorcovering, available in 2m sheet format with group T wear ratings, ideal for heavy traffic environments. This product comes with a 12-year warranty.

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    * Tarasafe Impression safety flooring replaces Taralay Impression Control safety flooring.

    Overview of Tarasafe Impression Vinyl Safety Flooring:

    • Anti-slip performance R11 and meets HSE +36 guidelines
    • Protecsol® Control surface treatment for excellent stain resistance
    • Suitable for heavy contract applications and delivers outstanding durability

    Benefits of Tarasafe Impression:

    • Tough, slip resistant sheet flooring for most contract applications
    • Ideal for heavy traffic areas with 0.70 mm PVC wear layer (T Group)
    • Maximum hygiene with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment

    Product & Design:

    • Realistic wood and mineral finishes for contemporary interiors => Create unique floor schemes

    Installation & Maintenance: 

    • No Carborundum => Easier to handle, transport, cut, cap & cove for all projects
    • Protecsol® Control surface treatment => Improves product performance in terms of maintenance, stain resistance and durability

    Market application:

    • Suitable for heavy traffic applications => Ideal for hardworking contract environments
    • Compliance with anti-slip requirements => Perfect for areas with high slip risk applications
    • Hygienic and easy to clean => Suitable for healthcare, education, housing and other busy locations
    1. Protecsol® Control treatment
    2. Transparent wearlayer
    3. Printed design 
    4. Fibre Glass Grid
    5. Compact backing
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    Results : 20

    Design Type
    Design name
    0035 Gris

    Format : Rolls

    0038 Pierre

    Format : Rolls

    0371 Noma Rustic

    Format : Rolls

    0373 Noma Ice

    Format : Rolls

    0518 Esterel Chocolate

    Format : Rolls

    0519 Noma Beige

    Format : Rolls

    0520 Noma Black

    Format : Rolls

    0523 Genova

    Format : Rolls

    0525 Modena

    Format : Rolls

    0543 Brescia

    Format : Rolls

    0592 Ottawa Poplar

    Format : Rolls

    0672 Loft White

    Format : Rolls

    0680 Infinity Greige

    Format : Rolls

    0723 Charme Pecan

    Format : Rolls

    1028 Rough Beige

    Format : Rolls

    1029 Rough Grey

    Format : Rolls


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    Tarasafe Impression - Fire Certificate
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    Installation instructions for contract products
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    301 - Installation Guidelines - Homogeneous Multilayered Rolls
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    NBS Specifications
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    Tarasafe Impression (Sheet) - NBS Specification
    Declaration of Performance
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    Tarasafe Impression - DoP
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