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  • Sports Flooring
  • Vinyl Sports Floor - Taraflex®

Taraflex® sports flooring is the no. 1 preferred indoor solution for over 60 years. It has been selected for 10 Olympic Games since Montreal in 1976 and most recently at the London 2012 Games. Leading sports events organisers and national governing bodies put their faith in Taraflex® as its offers the highest levels of performance, comfort and safety. Every sports person has, regardless of their ability, played at least once in their life time on a Taraflex® vinyl sports floor. 

Taraflex® Comfort is in the P3 category, it offers optimal comfort and safety.

Benefits of Taraflex® Comfort sports flooring:

  • The first Taraflex® sports floor in the P3 category.
  • Technology and innovation knowledge bring optimal comfort and safety
  • Suited to all levels and all sports for all users
  • Wide range and trendy colours, be the architect of your sports floor
Technical Description


  • 1 - Triple Action Protecsol
  • 2 - D-Max
  • 3 - HD CXP 
  • 4 - Polyolefin foam                                                 
  • 5 - Sanosol
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Results : 20

Type of design
2404 London Light Blue

Format : Rolls

3764 Taupe

Format : Rolls

5742 Wood Oak Design

Format : Rolls

6038 Terracotta

Format : Rolls

6146 Coral

Format : Rolls

6159 Pink

Format : Rolls

6180 Red

Format : Rolls

6211 Gold

Format : Rolls

6347 Beige

Format : Rolls

6350 Light Cherry Design

Format : Rolls

6381 Maple Design

Format : Rolls

6430 Blue

Format : Rolls

6431 Teal

Format : Rolls

6445 Lagoon

Format : Rolls

6557 Forest

Format : Rolls

6559 Spring

Format : Rolls


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Binders & Cards
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Fitness - Binder
Taraflex® Sports Flooring - Binder
Download Select
Fitness Solutions - Brochure
Gerflor Sports Brochure
39.97 Mo
My Taraflex - Leaflet
2.15 Mo
Specifying Sports Flooring for Sports Halls Brochure
11.81 Mo
Taraflex Sports Flooring - Brochure
Technical Datasheets
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Taraflex® Comfort - Technical Datasheet
180 Ko
Installation instructions for sports products
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705 - Installation Guidelines - Taraflex Comfort
426 Ko
Fire Certificates
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Taraflex® Comfort - Fire Certificate
942 Ko
Maintenance instructions by product
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Sports Flooring - Floor Care Guide
1.18 Mo
Taraflex® Comfort - Maintenance Instructions
1.18 Mo
Taraflex® Surface - Maintenance Instructions
104 Ko
NBS Specifications
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Taraflex® Comfort - NBS Specification

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