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Mural Revela - Guide


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The easy to install, decorative and hardwearing wall covering solution

  • Walls
  • Vinyl Wall Protection

Product & Design:

  • 5mm thickness, with a non-porous surface
  • Smooth surface for easier maintenance
  • Available in tile and panel formats 
  • Ultra-realistic designs in matte or glossy decors
  • Can be mixed and matched with other Gerflor floorings
  • Warm to touch for additional comfort

Installation & Maintenance:

  • Easy tongue and groove assembly for fast installation
  • Easy to cut product to reduce installation times 
  • Suitable for new build or renovation on existing ceramics
  • Tiles can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • A complete solution with aluminium profiles, ideal for high-end final rendering

Market application:

  • Fully waterproof for use in the shower (follow Gerflor installation guidelines)
  • Fire performance D-s3,d0


  • TVOC after 28 days <100μg/m3: very good indoor air quality
  • Up to 30% recycled content / 100% recyclable: resource preservation
  • Made in Europe: reduces the carbon footprint of transportation
  • 100% Reach compliant, formaldehyde free: health and safety
  1. Polyurethane protective varnish
  2. Decorative film
  3. Intermediate stability layer
  4. Rigid layer containing recycled material
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Results : 16

Design Type
7007 Vilnius

Format : Tiles, Panels

7029 Tanami Gloss

Format : Tiles, Panels

7032 Alanya

Format : Panels, Tiles

7035 Corabia

Format : Panels, Tiles

7052 Colima

Format : Panels, Tiles

7053 Zanzibar

Format : Tiles, Panels

7059 Derby Gloss

Format : Tiles, Panels

7072 Sarti

Format : Tiles, Panels

7091 Kamina

Format : Panels, Tiles

7093 Ampara

Format : Panels, Tiles

7097 Boulia Gloss

Format : Tiles, Panels

7868 Ubeda

Format : Tiles, Panels

7869 Baeza

Format : Panels, Tiles

7911 Liverpool

Format : Tiles, Panels

7915 Kampala

Format : Panels, Tiles

7918 Hanoi

Format : Panels, Tiles


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Mural Revela - Guide
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Social Housing - Brochure
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Installation instructions for contract products
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406 - Installation Guidelines - Mural Revela
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NBS Specifications
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Mural Revela (Panel/ Tile) - NBS Specification
Contractual Warranty
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Contractual Warranty - Wall covering products
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