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  • New surface treatment
  • No need to compromise! The ultimate stain and micro-scratch resistance has landed!

    At Gerflor, we are once again moving forward with a new surface treatment : ProtecShield™
    Still ultra matt: ultra realism is always a priority!
    Micro-scratch Resistance: This advanced technology takes away your durability concerns!
    Stain resistance: Easy to maintain, you save time and water as part of your cleaning regime!



    Ultra matt finish

    For many years, Gerflor has been investing heavily into the research for an optimum LVT ultra matt finish.
    Without compromising on the ultra realistic appearance of the design.
    To avoid any shiny effect on the flooring surface, it is also essential to have the right surface treatment in term of quality and thickness.
    Our technical specialists have engineered the right treatment to combine a high level of technical performances and the required matt effect.

    Micro scratch resistance

    Unrivalled levels of resistance to stains and scratches! ProtecShield™ is the result of years of dedicated research carried out by our in house R&D experts, to deliver the best in class surface treatment.

    It boasts outstanding performance against micro scratches and ensures ease of maintenance of the floor.

    Easy Maintenance

    Our customers always matter.
    Reduce time and cost in your cleaning and maintenance regime, with the new generation of surface treatments. Welcome into the future where out Protecshield surface treatment will truly amaze you!

    Our new generation of LVT do not require specific or heavy maintenance regimes, thanks to their enhanced performance, they will allow you to space out your maintenance operations, 
    thus saving you money, time, detergent and water consumption. 
    Great for the environment, the planet and its people.


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    New steps in design

    Technical innovation at the heart of our design

    A New Rigid Interlocking System

    The Creation All-in-1 LVT Collection: a New Rigid Interlocking offer with 2 unique technologies

    More than just a floor, a complete solution is available

    Creation LVT can be installed with complementary finishing accessories

    The reference in sustainable development

    All product ranges developed according to product life cycle analysis model

    World leader

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    Recycled materials, recycling of end-of-life products, ISO14001


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