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  • New steps in design
  • The new Creation LVT ranges feature the latest generation of LVT floors,

    both in terms of technical solutions and innovative design.


    4D Design

    Ultra Realistic DesignStructured emboss
    The genuine look of wood is fully visible thanks to its unique embossed effect.

    Beveled edges Beveled Edges
    The 4 bevelled edges of the product, also contribute to its ultra-realistic appearance.

    High definition printing  High Definition Printed Film
    On LVT floors, the design pattern is engineered with a "printed film".
    The rendering quality of the film will ensure ultra realism of the decor.
    We use a high definition decorative film that preserves all the details of the wood or stone designs and ensures a depth effect to the decor.

    Crystal wear layerCrystal Wear Layer
    In addition, the crystal-clear surface layer does not obscure these details on the surface and allows the fineness of the design to be revealed.


     Even more design and customisation options available: exclusively with Creation 55 LVT


    Ultra Realism

    Design through technical innovations

    Emboss in register (EIR) - this technical term may sound peculiar.

    What does it mean ?
    Our specific manufacturing process ensures the synchronism between the printed decor and the surface grain.
    The surface grain will follow the details of the decor to reflect its smoothness and roughness. In this way, all the elements of the decor appear more realistic and reflect the light in a more natural and matt way (less shiny effect).




    What makes our floor so special and unique?

    The specific feature of our product is the "Herringbone" laying pattern, this is available with in the Creation 55 and Creation 55 Rigid Acoustic collections where there are dedicated plank formats, optimized for this kind of installation pattern.

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    More customisation

    Our LVT ranges boast a wide selection of designs but we can go one step further with the personalisation of the decors, thanks to the MyCreation service (available only with Creation 55 LVT).


    We offer this service for tiles and planks and you can choose from a library of 16 exclusive designs, with the possibility to recolour them.
    The floor, thus, becomes an element of differentiation and allows you to highlight your brand or your company's visual identity.




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    A New Rigid Interlocking System

    The Creation All-in-1 LVT Collection: a New Rigid Interlocking offer with 2 unique technologies

    More than just a floor, a complete solution is available

    Creation LVT can be installed with complementary finishing accessories

    A new surface treatment ProtecShield™

    The ultimate resistance to stains and micro-scratches

    The reference in sustainable development

    All product ranges developed according to product life cycle analysis model

    World leader

    Floor covering solutions


    Recycled materials, recycling of end-of-life products, ISO14001


    Specific responses to the needs of twenty market segments

    Expert team

    Commitment to the success of our customers

    Customer success

    Daily commitment to guarantee our customers high quality and competitiveness.