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  • New rigid interlocking
  • The Creation All-in-1 LVT collection offers an interlocking range with 2 technologies:

    The Creation All-in-1 LVT is now available in a new rigid interlocking format in 2 technologies: Creation Solid Clic LVT and Creation Rigid Acoustic LVT.
    Creation Solid Clic LVT: With over 15+ years of manufacturing experience in LVT interlocking, Gerflor is leading the way with a new rigid technology.
    Creation Solid Clic LVT comprises of a Duocore 2.0 contruction which includes:
    A rigid layer reinforced by both a fibre glass and fibre grid layer delivering the performance of an SPC floor but also the comfort required for walking and ease of cutting when installing the product.
    The Solid Clic LVT is easy to install on an acoustic underlay, delivering a full acoustic solution.

    The Creation Rigid Acoustic LVT: Has the benefits of a SPC floor with an integrated acoustic layer that brings its share of technical innovation and high performance.

    The Creation Solid Clic LVT

    The perfect combination if you are lookinf for comfort, robustness and design!

    DUOCORE 2.0 Technology

    • Outstanding acoustics and walking comfort
    • Easy renovation on 6mm/2mm ceramic tile grouts
    • Excellent resistance to high temperature variations (up to 60°C) example where there is a bay windows installation

    An exclusive interlocking system

    • Angular on the long side: for quieter installation
    • Vertical (exclusevly by Gerflor) on the short side: for optimum durability & robustness

    An acoustic underlay that is with Creation Solid Clic LVT

    The All -Acoustics-in-1 solution:

    • The comfort layer with Solid Clic's Duocore 2.0 perfect for low walking noise
    • A complete range of acoustic underlays available up to 19dB

    The Acoustic Plus underlay has numerous benefits including:

    • 19dB
    • 100% recyclable
    • 47% recycled content



    Creation Solid Clic LVT products


    Creation 30 Solid Clic

    • Duo Core 2.0: New Rigid Core combined with walking comfort
    • New patented Clic: Fast&Easy to install
    • The most sustainable interlocking LVT

    Creation 40 Solid Clic

    • Duo Core 2.0: New Rigid Core combined with walking comfort
    • New patented Clic: Fast&Easy to install
    • The most sustainable interlocking LVT

    Creation 55 Solid Clic

    • Duo Core 2.0
    • Fast&Easy to install
    • The most sustainable interlocking LVT


    Creation Rigid Acoustic LVT

    Includes patented technology: a new generation of SPC!

    • 30% less heavy: easy to handle and reduced CO2 footprint
    • Renovation on 8mm/3mm ceramic tiles' grouts easily possible
    • Resistant to high temperature variations (up to 60°C)
    • 19dB sound insulation for excellent acoustics
    • Angular interlocking: laminate-like installation





    Creation Rigid Acoustic LVT products


    Creation 40 Rigid Acoustic

    • 30% less heavy than similar products
    • Made in Europe
    • Integrated acoustic backing : 19 dB noise reduction

    Creation 55 Rigid Acoustic

    • Acoustic backing 19dB
    • Full Rigid Board
    • Available in 4 formats




    Compare the strengths of each product and make the best choice for your project



    More about the new Creation LVT collection


    New steps in design

    Technical innovation at the heart of our design

    A new surface treatment ProtecShield™

    The ultimate resistance to stains and micro-scratches

    More than just a floor, a complete solution is available

    Creation LVT can be installed with complementary finishing accessories

    The reference in sustainable development

    All product ranges developed according to product life cycle analysis model




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