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  • Inspire yourself #1: Art that matters with the Folk Trend

    Inspire yourself #1: Art that matters with the Folk Trend


    "For Gerflor, creativity is not an occasional, intuitive or spontaneous phenomenon, but a neat plant nourished every day, patiently, methodically. We travel the world to identify global trends in design, architecture and fashion. At the end of this adventure, we build our moodboards: a condensed overview of styles, colors and materials, which are an infinite source of inspiration to create new products. The raw material of our future collections is here. An essential sap that nourishes the identity of Gerflor for more and more unique and innovative products."

    Gino Venturelli, Gerflor Artistic Director 


    Pecan Livingroom3 Bandeau

    Linley Design, Virtuo Collection


    FOLK is inspired by wild life, primitive motifs, craftsmanship from cultures close to Mother Earth.

    You have a curious mind, eager for discoveries and adventures, a traveling soul, in an insatiable quest for "real life", going back to the origins? No doubt, this trend is yours! You are keen on discovering other people and yourself to create new memories... The decorative universe of the FOLK trend plays on eclecticism, draws its inspiration from popular folklores, ancestral cultures and ancient civilizations.



    Harbor Blue Web 1200x650

    Harbor Blue Design, Senso Collection


    FOLK. A trend that we like because it is luminous, full of life and colors: filled with a bohemian and friendly spirit that mixes the codes. We play with carefree and heterogeneous accumulation of objects of traditional manufacture and complete it with natural materials skirted by time: wood, stone, leather, natural fibers, ceramics, weaves contribute to bring an extra soul to your place. A harmonious patchwork that evolves constantly, according to the travels and discoveries.

    A GAME OF PATTERNS. The Folk trend is the trend of mixing. In your living room, a rounded and decorated handmade upholstery is having conversation with the two-tone chevrons of a gipsy-inspired cotton sofa. The old patinated wood is associated with the brilliance of silk velvet, the rusticity of braiding in natural coconut dialogues with gold metal chips.



    To represent this trend, our Artistic Director Gino Venturelli chose the Crepato Clear decor in the Virtuo Collection and the Harbor Blue in the Senso Premium Clic Collection. Designs that are anchored in a folk and bohemian spirit, with planks with a raw appearance and aged as covered with lime, or washed by the salt of a nearby ocean. "Play the mix & match! The patterns of the Folk trend are weathered by time. They offer, in contrast, a perfect setting in a very contemporary environment, playing on the breach with abstract or graphic designs"



    This trend is made of contrasts: if you want it to match, you have to DARE!  Mix a classic furniture with fantasy accessories for a refreshing living room or bedroom. Straight design of a straight sofa, roundness of a padded cozy armchair, simplicity of a coffee table encircled with brass ... The strong parts must have timeless lines. Pair them with accessories with a variety of influences, such as a sideboard of Asian essence or Berber pottery, to create a unique atmosphere.

    On the floor, dare a layout: Combine the classicism and rusticity of the Virtuo Baita Blond decor in the living room with a Azulejos-inspired Senso Provence Blue tile in the kitchen. You will create a natural separation between these different spaces, and you will nourish your traveling soul while staying at home.


    RS33157 Linley Living Room



    Our Virtuo design Crepato Clear is superbly highlighted in this contemporary and uncluttered interior, where it takes all its folk and bohemian dimension by bringing warmth and character to the floor. By its design, it gives personality and brightness to a sober and modern interior. The eye focuses on the vegetal touches of light, with the presence of herbariums on the wall and live plants in metal pots, for a contemporary and lively effect.


     Rs32615 Crepato Clear Office 3

    Crepato Clear Design, Virtuo Collection