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Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Total Sqm: 450 sqm

Year: 2023


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In anticipation of the 2024 World Cups, Boccia UK has made a strategic decision to enhance their training and competition venue with world class Taraflex® Evolution sports flooring. This choice underscores the importance of highquality, durable surfaces in the world of competitive sports.

Taraflex® Evolution, provided by Gerflor, is renowned for its versatility across various sports and leisure activities, making it an excellent choice for Boccia UK's diverse needs. The flooring's benefits, such as comfort, safety, and a specialised surface treatment for easy maintenance and optimal performance, align with the rigorous demands of elite boccia players.

This collaboration with Gerflor not only prepares Boccia UK for the upcoming global events but also sets a new standard in the sporting community for facilities that prioritise athlete welfare and performance. The end result, 450m2 Taraflex® installed in Mint Green, a major transformation to their facilities, a world class indoor sports’s where champions begin, learn, train and play!

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