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What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is known for its durability and ease of maintenance. Favoured by many, vinyl flooring can simulate a range of designs. This includes wood, tile, laminate and a range of stone patterns. Whether supplied in vinyl floor tiles, rolls or planks, vinyl flooring is a firm favourite of many.

What is it useful for?

Thanks to its versatile properties, the uses for vinyl flooring are endless! However, it is particularly favoured in high traffic areas. This is thanks to its resilient and easy to clean properties. These are a few reasons that vinyl flooring is perfect for commercial, industrial and housing markets.

Our Product Ranges

Here at Gerflor, we believe in supplying a dynamic flooring solution to all of our customers. This is why we have diverse product ranges, designed with the customer in mind.

Safety Flooring

Our safety flooring features products such as our Tarasafe and Taralay Ranges. These are perfect for use amongst the healthcare, education and hospitality industries. Our safety flooring is popular due to its excellent slip resistance properties.

Homogenous Flooring

Specifically designed to suit a range of areas, the possibilities for our high-performance homogenous flooring are endless. Our homogenous flooring creates stunning designs for a range of commercial environments.

Heterogeneous Comfort Flooring

Purposefully designed with comfort noise reduction in mind. Our heterogeneous comfort flooring offers excellent sound reduction and underfoot comfort. This flooring is perfectly hygienic. This is thanks to our anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatments.

Heterogeneous Compact Flooring

This flooring combines attractive design and excellent durability. Heterogeneous Compact Flooring is ideal for heavy traffic areas. This is why it is used across a range of environments.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

This cutting edge flooring has design at the forefront. Encompassing products such as our Creation range, our LVT flooring is a testament to what we have to offer. Using vinyl floor tiles to create a range of designs and patterns, many looks are achievable. 

Textile Backed Flooring

For boosted comfort in every room, our textile backed flooring is ideal. Supplied in roll form, this vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install. This makes it perfect for use in both residential and commercial environments.

Fast Track Flooring

Our fast track flooring is an easy to install and easy to maintain. These interlocking loose lay tiles are designed for heavy traffic areas.

ESD Flooring

Gerflors ESD flooring is ideal for areas in which static electricity might occur. Ideal environments include operating theatres and computer rooms. Designed to prevent static electricity conducting to other areas.

Cleanroom Flooring

If you require flooring that is heavy duty, scratch and chemical resistant, our cleanroom flooring is ideal. Products such as our Mipolam Biocontrol is suitable for areas such as hospitals and laboratories.

Wet Room Flooring

Designed for barefoot wet areas, our wet room flooring offers brilliant slip resistance. Once combined with our wall solutions, you will have a stunning watertight wet room solution.

Shower Flooring

In showers and changing rooms, you require a slip-resistant flooring. Our shower flooring offers excellent slip resistance. It is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Stair Solutions

To complement our flooring, we have a range of solutions for steps, stairwells and stair nosing. Our range of solutions ensures safety where it is most needed.

Vinyl Sports Flooring

Our Taraflex® vinyl sports flooring is the perfect solution for all. Our product range covers all activities from low impact to performance sports. This means we’re certain to have the perfect sports flooring solution for you.

Hardwood Sports Flooring by Connor Sports®

In addition to our range of vinyl sports flooring, we have acquired Connor Sports®. This allows us to provide world-class hardwood sports flooring. This flooring solution is handmade, comprehensive and used across the globe!

Outdoor Play Areas by Sport Court®

Due to our acquisition of Sport Court®, we are able to bring to you an outdoor multisport flooring system. This system is created using a range of tiles.

Markets We Operate In

Our products can be seen across a wide range of markets. This is because our wide range of solutions covers a multitude of requirements. From Healthcare to Sport, read about some of the applications our flooring can be used for below. 


This sector includes hospitals, medical centres, care homes and more! Vinyl flooring is perfect for use amongst the healthcare industry. This is due to the fact that it is long wearing and has excellent slip resistant properties.


We create state of the art solutions that are perfect for educational facilities. Our flooring can be hygienic, resistant and acoustic, depending on your desired application.


Our sports flooring can be seen across the Globe. Available flooring includes; vinyl flooring for multi-sports, hardwood flooring from Connor Sports®, and outdoor tile systems for play areas from Sport Court®.


If renovating retail outlets, you want to close for as little time as possible. With our vinyl flooring for retail environments, you need not close at all! Our easy to fit, high resistant solutions are perfect for such areas.


Several businesses have benefitted from our vinyl flooring. This includes hotels, restaurants, and apartments. Our range of products gives customers a multitude of design and functional options. This allows us to create flooring that is perfect for them.


In industries that require a specialist environment, you require flooring that is especially suited.  This is suitable for environments within life sciences, manufacturing high technology industries.  Our product range includes solutions such as ESD and biocontrol flooring, perfect for such environments.


We have a range of solutions that are ideal for residential environments. Products such as Agrippa and Griptex,  create fit for purpose solutions for the housing sector. Our product range has solutions suitable for all areas including living areas, bathroom and kitchen.


With products such as our Taralay range, you can create a professional looking environment. Suitable for high traffic, with a variety of options to choose from. There is certain to be something for your offices.

Why Use Gerflor?

We are eco-responsible flooring manufacturers. This means we create sustainable vinyl flooring products that put design and functionality at the forefront. Our customers are placed at the heart of everything we do. This allows us to understand the needs of a range of environments. Doing this means we create vinyl flooring solutions that are stunningly designed, and perfect for purpose too. 

If you want to get detailed information about vinyl flooring, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Struggling to choose a design or #VinylFlooring range to suit your #Interior needs? You can order samples from our website! #TooMuchChoice
Struggling to choose a design or #VinylFlooring range to suit your #Interior needs? You can order samples from our website! #TooMuchChoice