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  • Meet The Team! Get to know our Healthcare Manager Chloe
  • 19.06.2024

    Meet The Team! Get to know our Healthcare Manager Chloe


    At Gerflor we like to add that personal touch.... Get to know the members of our team by finding more about their role, their favourite products and what they like to do in their spare time. This week get to know Chloe!


    "Hi … I am Chloe Harding… I am a Key Account Manager for Healthcare and Wall Protection"


    What do you like about your role and the sector you work in? 

    "I find it very rewarding working with people that want to design a better healthcare environment. I love the fact our products have the technical capability to overcome so many challenges in the healthcare estate, whilst being durable and aesthetically beautiful. I believe that if we can be a part of a journey in creating healing environments for people when they are at their most vulnerable, then we are helping them in a meaningful and touching way. A holistic healing environment is something I am most passionate about."


    What challenges are driving the Healthcare sector?

    "There are a few challenges but as with many other public sectors, funding is the most common.  Value engineering solutions when trying to future proof healthcare buildings is a common occurrence as budgets are frequently squeezed. The past few years have seen the NHS provider sector (NHS trusts and foundation trusts) struggling to cope with increased demand, due to a growing and ageing population, plus rising costs. This in turn impacts on the level of project investment and robustness of a healthcare facility, but I am pleased to say that as a combined business we have competitive products for all budgets for all locations."


    What are your favourite Gerflor and Gradu solutions and why? 

    "I can’t decide between which flooring coverings … so I’m going to list two; Taralay Impression HOP and Mipolam Symbioz. This is because both these ranges have incredible designs, and they are long term sustainable solutions that take into consideration the environment, this is critical when specifying/installing floorings. I am pleased to say that these eco-friendly innovations have their own unique place and value within a hardworking healthcare space.

    From a wall protection point of view… I love the new Sure Protect Artworx digital printing offer from Gradus, it’s a notable service where our clients can unleash their creativity. It is rewarding to see how each, and every project can use unique imagery to create a different energy to the concerned space. If I can also further comment the Gradus XT Stair Nosing is another final personal favourite of mine… there have many occasions where I have nearly fallen down the stairs with heavy sample bags to know that they are an absolute necessity!"


    What do you like doing in your spare time?

    "I love spending quality time with my husband and daughter and my huge chaotic family. Horses are my biggest passion and I love to ride, and I have been known to also run a few marathons."


    If you need specification advice for Healthcare solutions, then contact Chloe today.

    Email at