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We have been supplying innovative flooring solutions to the healthcare sector for over 60 years. This means that we are well aware of the tough conditions healthcare flooring undertakes on a day-to-day basis. We have used this knowledge to create a wide range of innovative solutions, which perfectly suit the requirements of different areas within a healthcare facility. Whether for a hospital, care home, medical centre or disability centre, we’re certain to have the solution for you. In addition to our flooring solutions, we also offer a range of complementary solutions include accessories.


Hygiene/Infection Control

Gerflor multilayered floorings are equipped with surface treatments: Protecsol®2, Protecsol®, Sparclean®, PUR. Gerflor Homogeneous floorings are equipped with EvercareTM and PUR surface treatments.

The implementation of an effective cleaning regime is the most important defence against infection. According to IS0 22196, selected Gerflor floor coverings inhibit the growth of bacteria’s such as E.coli and MRSA.


Ease of Maintenance with Surface Treatments

Protecsol®2 and EvercareTM are a new generation of surface treatments.

Highly Durable: Exclusive surface treatment applied by UV laser cross-linking provides superior durability and an even surface thickness, creating an impenetrable barrier against stains and chemicals found in healthcare.

The surface treatment creates a 100% non-porous barrier to all liquids and chemicals, keeping all stains floating on the surface. This helps with simple and easy stain removal as nothing can get into the surface of our treated flooring.



Gerflor flooring has a high resistance to pressure point loading whether it is static (furniture and beds) or dynamic (wheelchairs, walking frames and trolleys). Our products are made to last with durability of designs, resistance to abrasions and offer excellent dimensional stability. For example, Taralay Premium has a thicker wear layer of 1mm.


Slip Resistant Safety

Gerflor’s safety flooring provides outstanding durability and slip resistance properties. As specialists in this field we have developed our product ranges to reflect the needs of our customers. The Tarasafe portfolio of safety flooring have excellent slip resistant ratings between R10 - R12 and meet +36 HSE guidlines for slip resistance, ideal for a host of healthcare environments. This includes reception areas, corridors, wards and we also offer solutions for wet rooms for both barefoot and shod applications.



Gerflor offers a wide range of vinyl acoustic flooring with efficient sound insulation up to 19dB, in order to ensure a maximum reduction of noise transmission underfoot. For areas of high traffic in healthcare environments such as wards, corridors and visitor areas a sound insulating flooring is perfect for contributing to a harmonious environment.


Anti Statics 

We offer the healthcare market disposal a large catalogue of ESD flooring which is perfectly suited in clinical environments where a significant amount of electrostatic discharge may be present. Reputed for their flexibility and durability, our ESD floors have been adopted by several industrialists as the best floors in their category.


Rolling Loads 

Gerflor’s range of flooring also provides the ease of movement of rolling loads including beds and trolleys. Starting force and pushing can be reduced by up to 35%, which means that wheeled equipment can be easily rolled in all directions.


Wet Rooms

Gerflor provides a wide range of wet room flooring that is both slip-resistant and watertight, designed for barefoot wet areas. Our Tarasafe H20 is a popular choice in healthcare environments due to it’s heightened slip resistance rating of R11 and maximum hygiene with an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment.


Clean Corner System

Controlling contamination in healthcare environments is always a challenge. Corners, in particular, are where most of the imperfections are found. In partnership with cleaning professionals, Gerflor has developed the Clean Corner System with is a patent pending innovative corner solution. The clean corner system meets requirements in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the health sector meeting the constraints of risk zones 4.

For more information on our healthcare solutions please contact us or download the Healthcare, Ultra Clean or Clean Corner System brochure.


To further discuss these or our other progressive flooring solutions for healthcare, please contact our Healthcare team

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In the resilient flooring market, Our Taralay Premium collection offers the best of both worlds: A hardwearing, long lasting surface AND stylish design choices!
In the resilient flooring market, Our Taralay Premium collection offers the best of both worlds: A hardwearing, long lasting surface AND stylish design choices!