Exclusive Gerflor Service!
The performance of Taralay Premium range in the colours of your choice.
We offer you 4 designs and one palet of more than 150 colours to give you the possibility to choose your granules and to create your own harmony. Created for projects over 2000sqm, this application enables you to visualize on your computer and to order online a press proof before validation.

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MyTaralay Impression

Revisit the Grafy set with a pallet of more than 150 colors to allow to configure your Taralay Impression floor covering creatively. Planned for the projects of a surface superior to 500 sqm, this application offers you the possibility of displaying on the screen then ordering on-line your cromalin of validation. 

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Crea tu propio espacio Taraflex, eligiendo entre una paleta de más de 150 colores. Destinado a proyectos de áreas superiores a 1000 metros cuadrados, esta aplicación ofrece la posibilidad de diseñar sus proyectos ,de manera online.

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My Logo Taraflex

Mi Logotipo ¡Un resultado impresionante!

Gracias a la tecnología de corte por chorro de agua puede personalizar su pavimento Taraflex con los colores de su ciudad o de su club. Para más información pinche aquí


Customize your floor! 
Logos, signs on the floor, laying pattern, everything is possible thanks to our watter cutting technology. All shapes are possible with a detailed precision. Our technical teams can reproduce a design or an illustration. You choose the colors and the cutting can start! A unique service to customize your floors! Be inspired!